Forensic Psychology Services

Forensic psychologists apply psychological knowledge to legal matters in the civil and criminal arenas. Dr. Boyd specializes in the forensic evaluation, reporting, and explaining of human behavior for disability reports and for behavior that has violated legal statute and/or involved the judicial system. Courts have favorably received Dr. Boyd’s written reports and trial testimony.


Two Board Certifications
  • Counseling Psychology: American Board of Professional Psychology
  • Clinical Hypnosis: American Board of Psychological Hypnosis
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • Virginia Board of Psychology (#0810-000840)
Advanced Forensic Psychology Training
  • The American Psychological Association
  • Institute of Law, Psychiatry & Public Policy (University of Virginia)


  • Evaluations for Virginia courts and private plaintiff & defense
  • Deposition and trial testimony for Virginia Courts and private plaintiff & defense
  • Mental health expert, Social Security Administration, Office of Hearings and Appeals, Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Psychological examiner, Disability Determination Services, Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Forensic / Investigative hypnosis
  • Independent psychology practice (1974 - present)
  • Assistant & Associate Professor, University of Virginia (1971 - 1985)
  • Numerous Publications

Specialization: Personal Injury Law

Dr. Boyd's forensic psychology practice specializes in personal injury cases. This specialization developed through decades of clinical and forensic experience with psychopathology, mental disorders, and court decisions.

Two forensic services are offered to the client and attorney:

  1. An initial, brief evaluation of the client and circumstances to determine the viability of the case going forward
  2. A full client evaluation with all services needed by the attorney (e.g., testing, interviews, ancillary reports, deposition, trial testimony).

Throughout a personal injury case, Dr. Boyd is continually available for consultation and collarboration.

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